Global Warming and Religion

There have been a few good things that have accompanied the Anthropomorphic Global Warming (AGW) movement. It has been quite useful in revealing both the blatant hypocrisies as well as remarkable corruption in its activities. It has also provided the vehicle for revealing analogies.

From a Samizdata blog post commenting on (yet-another) rear guard action on the collapsing AGW coup d’etat, comes a very nice analogy:

The position of scientists dependent on the approbation of their peers and government funding is knowing that to dissent from the thermogeddon narrative is as disastrous careerwise as that of the Islamic apostate’s future, and so keeps his silence as do the massed ranks of Muslims unenthusiastic about violent jihad but unwilling to draw the attention of Islamists to themselves by speaking out.

Yeah, I get that this only refers to Islam, but Islam is also a particularily virulent form, perhaps the most virulent, of religious malevolence. I’m sure that those living in Salem during the witch trials would’ve seen little differentiation.

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