Monkey Pox: Truth versus Fearpron

Kind of like a mind vaccine from Dr Malone.

The entire article is useful and readable, but the conclusion is clear:

In my opinion, based on currently available information, Monkeypox is a virus and disease which is endemic in Africa, emerges sporadically after transmission into humans from animal hosts, and is typically spread by close human contact. It is readily controlled by classical public health measures. It does not have a high mortality rate. Unless there has been some genetic alteration, either through evolution or intentional genetic manipulation, it is not a significant biothreat, and has never been considered a high threat pathogen in the past.

So stop the fear mongering, misinformation and disinformation.

Updates: We’ll have to see if these links grow stale or the underlying articles get edited. Monkey Pox outbreak traced back to Gay Pride island festival. ‘Sexual form of monkeypox’ blamed for global spread of virus.

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