If the vaccines work, what’s going on?

From Alex Berenson, The god that failed – or How to open the eyes of anyone who still thinks Covid vaccines are working as promised.

Let’s say you wind up talking about the vaccine. (I know, what are the odds?)

And let’s say the folks you’re talking to are not crazy vaccine fanatics who think the only problem with Australia’s interment camps is that they don’t go far enough. They’re reasonable people. Maybe they’ve even been vaccinated and are not sure about boosters, or what to do about their kids.

Don’t discuss anything. Don’t bring up facts or reports or morbid statistics.

Instead, try one simple question. The simplest possible. The public health equivalent of Ronald Reagan’s, Are you better off today than you were four years ago?

The question is this: If the vaccines work, what’s going on?

Remind them: We are almost a year into mass vaccination campaigns. Even before they began, public health experts and media and politicians explicitly and repeatedly promised that vaccines would end the epidemic if enough people took them.


Now the United States and especially Europe have vaccinated vast numbers of their citizens with mRNA and DNA vaccines that appeared hugely effective in clinical trials. In many European countries, over 90 percent of all adults are vaccinated.

Yet not only has Covid not disappeared, many of those same countries, like Denmark, are now seeing record levels of infections.

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