The New Public Health Despotism

Give us more, please.

Linked to via Paul Joseph Watson from Peter Hitchens, an article from someone who is thinking that this pandemic reaction has been maybe a bit excessive and made bode ill for civilian-government relations. The link to the article shows that the article was given a less controversial name from the original title (The New Covid Despotism).

This quote from the article given by Hitchen’s tweet is mindful of Dalrymple’s quote about political correctness:

Specifically, to play one’s part in Covid theatre, as in security theatre at the airport, is to suffer the unique humiliation of a rational being who submits to moments of social control that he knows to be founded upon untruths. That these are expressed in the language of science is especially grating.

Yes. This is true for some, but don’t be fooled, it is not true for the many. In fact, another tweet from PJT a few hours before, indicates that according to a YouGov poll in the UK:

76% of Brits support face masks.

69% support vaccine passports.

PJT notes

Government releases report celebrating how easy it is to make people conform to basically anything without question.

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