More Kelly Quotes

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    Joe Biden’s predator drones have killed more children than COVID in the past month.

  2. Link (in response to San Francisco Mayor London Breed’s defense of violating her indoor mask mandate while partying at a club):

    Notice how none of the communists apologize when caught violating their own rules?

    In point of fact, they revel in the fact you little people notice.

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    The American communists want open borders for the same reason they don’t want voting restrictions. And they can appeal to your “compassion” to make it happen. They use your values against you.

  4. Link (in response to a question about remaking a new United States and what should be outlawed):

    We don’t have a failure of laws. The communists are simply more committed to destroying this country than the Right is to stopping them. It’s not more complicated than that. The other side doesn’t even care about “laws”. More of them won’t matter.

    Also, the 19th amendment.

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    “Get it” people should never spend even a brief moment explaining something to “don’t get it” people.

    Even if you make them get it once, they’ll just not get the next thing. And the next thing after that.

    Don’t throw good money after bad. It works the same with your time.

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