Embracing Failure and Grotesquery

You never really know what will later be available with twitter, but this post is inspired by this link which has an accompanying image of a morbidly obese self-hating leftist wearing an ill-fitting “Fuck White People” outfit. Dave Reaboi comments

If you looked like this—and you refused to do anything to change it, because you’ve realized that embracing failure and grotesquery is easier than changing your habits and patterns—you might also go out looking for hate objects to destroy.

That is an interesting comment in that so, so many young people (perhaps all) seem to go through a period of self-destructive self-loathing – note, this is an age thing, not a generational thing. I know I did. The difference seems to be that nowadays young people have been taught to embrace their self-destructive, self-loathing, that it’s OK and so they grow older and become legal adults without actually being adults.

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