Even More Sinister

There are times when I think that James Taranto can be too clever by half, but I am willing to acknowledge that could perhaps be my inability to appreciate his conclusions. That said, however, I think he has a really interesting – and truly sinister – perspective on the news of IRS shenanigans:

As we wrote Friday, this will be a scandal like Watergate if it turns out that the IRS was acting under orders from Barack Obama or Valerie Jarrett. If the White House’s conduct turns out to be unimpeachable, then it is something far worse: a sign that the government itself has become a threat to the Constitution.

Update (20130525)
In the conclusion of a long (perhaps overly) but (nonetheless) well-written piece, Taranto writes the following which I find important (I think I included all the embedded links)

That, it seems to us, is the central story of our time. The left-liberal elite that attained cultural dominance between the 1960s and the 1980s–and that since 2008 has seen itself as being on the cusp of political dominance as well–is undergoing a crisis of authority, and its defenses are increasingly ferocious and unprincipled. Journalists lie or ignore important but politically uncongenial stories. Scientists suppress alternative hypotheses. Political organizations bully apolitical charities. The Internal Revenue Service persecutes dissenters. And campus censorship goes on still.

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