Citizen-driven Effort?

Update (20210804): The Red Star notices that The political committee behind a proposal to replace the Minneapolis Police Department brought in nearly $1 million in campaign contributions this year, signaling intense local and national interest in an election that is still three months away. Bill Glahn helpfully adds this

Biggest donors are all big far left nonprofits/front groups:
George Soros $500,000 $430,000 (in kind)
Reclaim the Block $125,000

and this

Black Visions Collective $100,000
WDN San Francisco $100,000
ACLU New York $75,000
Tides San Francisco $75,000

And concludes

There is almost no local money involved in the effort to end law and order in Minneapolis. We are a playground for bored billionaires, with real lives at stake.

MPR is excited:

Minneapolis voters in November will have the opportunity to decide whether to replace the city’s police department with a new Department of Public Safety.

Bill Glahn notices something

“Citizen-driven effort”? It’s 100 percent funded by George Soros. And the 100% is literal. There are no other donors.

That citizen driven effort is from a group called Yes 4 Minneapolis:

Yes 4 Minneapolis — a coalition of groups including Reclaim the Block & TakeAction MN launches petition to replace Minneapolis Police Department with $500k grant from Open Society Foundations, a George Soros-funded group based in D.C. 2-2021

Bill wonders

The left goes on and on about “dark money,” but won’t explain why one nonresident gets to decide whether Minneapolis has a police force.

MN Reformer has more. National political group gives $500,000 to campaign to replace Minneapolis Police Department. As does AlphaNews ‘Defund the police’ officially on November ballot in Minneapolis.

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