Tempests, Tea Cups and Twitter

It can easy to forget – heck, even just assume that the messages and intense arguments on Twitter represent an important fraction of voters, much less the population as a whole. Someone published some interesting info about this (on Twitter, of course;-):

Some “Twitter is not real life” data, using Pew surveys:
- Twitter users are D+15 – which would tie HI & VT for the most liberal state.
- The 10% of Twitter users who post 92% of all tweets are D+43 – which would make it America’s 2nd most liberal House district.

Also, 3% of the population creates 90% of all tweets.

Twitter still matters and can be a leading indicator, but its outsized influence on media, corporations, & politicians seems to be the illusion of numbers.

Pew data sources:
Source one,
Source two

Hat tip to Instapundit

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