Suspicious? Why, whatever for?

Nicely stated:

[...] The reasons people might be hesitant to vax start with two big ones:

1. As soon as President Trump announced that the vaccine was due to be delivered in the next few weeks, a bunch of Democraps opened their pie holes to say they wouldn’t trust it, because it was produced under orange man bad. Kameltoe was one of these rocket scientists. This is verifiable.

2. Now that the vaccine has been widely administered, what are we hearing from flip flop fauci and many dem guvs? Oh noes, no freedoms yet, mask up, stay distanced, we’ll let you know when you are free again you peasants. So yeah, yank a major incentive to vax against this “only kills really old, really sick people” flu, and you’re getting the results all clear thinking adults would expect.

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