Mass Shootings

There’s been a few of late. Which, of course, brings up the need for “gun control” (aka “taking away guns from law-abiding citizens”). Jesse Kelly comments.

You know which countries don’t have mass shootings? Police states like North Korea. [...]

To which someone responded (ibid), “japan doesn’t have them either“. This answer has always annoyed me because it’s, well, true. I think there might be other places in the world that it might true as well, but I was never able to think of why this seems true. Kelly has noticed something in this regard:

Japan also has a country full of people who’ve been educated to love their nation, honor their parents, and have a sense of duty. Cultures who teach these things have low crime.

Cultures like ours that now do the opposite, don’t. Culture is everything.

Also, the responses to that tweet about “japan” above include things like “95% conviction rate helps with that”, “they hang people in Japan for murder” [don't know if this is true], and “Shared cultural norms and strict teachings of it to every generation works wonders”.

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