It’s All About Control


PRO TIP: You’ve gotten mixed messages about COVID from the beginning because of control. That’s why they present you with a constant stream of carrots and sticks. “Just do ____ and you can have your life back. But maybe not. Probably though. Or not.”

Keeps you controlled.

The latest and greatest example:

The CDC now says there is almost zero risk of getting covid via a contaminated surface. Meaning all the obsessive cleaning has been cosmetic theater with virtually no impact.

from the series of recommendations starting way back in March of 2020 when Fauci claimed there was no need for masks. Or Pelosi and Blasio claimed there was no problem with the Kung flu.

Update (20210418): Put another way:

As I tried to warn everyone from the very beginning. Government at every level in this country used COVID to test out just much power they had over the people.

They liked the results.

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