Green Energy Is Dirty

The beauty of battery powered devices is that the means by which rich people can have such neat and clean lives is completely hidden from them. No ugly gas stations, no smelly and loud internal combustion engines, no power-plants burning coal. Environmentalism and its suggestions for a “better world” is increasingly being exposed as yet another way for rich people to harass everyone else*. So much so that even The Guardian, a far left-wing English newspaper, sees it.

If the prophets of technology are to be believed, the best hope for solving the climate crisis is ever more efficient batteries. But the race to produce enough materials for this energy-storage revolution is creating a host of other environmental problems, as cobalt-producing nations like the Democratic Republic of the Congo, Zambia and Cuba are discovering.

* Way, way, way too often it’s assumed that rich people hate the poor. They don’t. They hate the middle class.

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