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Apparently this needs to be explained because people don’t understand proportionality.

When it comes to police shootings, BLMers love to look at population disparities while completely ignoring crime rate disparities, because…agenda.


US Census Bureau has the US population at around 328.2 million. 60% white (196.9 million), 13.4% black (43.9 million)

Police killed 250 black suspects (5.6 per 1 million)
Police killed 403 white suspects (2 per 1 million)

That’s normally where the conversation stops. Keep going

Black people committed 146,734 violent crimes (33.4 per 10,000)
White people committed 230,299 violent crimes (11.6 per 10,000)

So, black people are killed at a rate 2.8x higher (5.6/2)And black people commit violent crime at a rate 2.8x higher (33.4/11.6).

Well well well…

I mean, it’s common sense. If cops kill a certain percentage of violent crime suspects, then CLEARLY the more violent crime you commit, the more suspects will get killed. Doesn’t matter what that percentage is. If you commit 2.8x more violent crime, you will have 2.8x more deaths

Just to drive this point home, let’s say cops kill 1 person (justified or unjustified) for every 1,000 violent crimes. If one group commits 2,000 violent crimes, 2 people will get killed. If another group commits 4,000, 4 people will get killed. The end.
Total pop is irrelevant.

Violent crime is the driver. And violent crime disparities explain shooting disparities. In the end, if you aren’t a criminal scumbag, the likelihood of you being killed by police is dang near zero.

Moral of the story: Commit less crime, get shot less.

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