Acts of Dominance

I discussed a whole lot of what is happening now and a whole lot of where things are going to go. The original inspiration was written some days before the Jan 6 shenanigans and so is a bit out of date, but the main point still stands:

They’re not afraid of us.

Muslims instinctively know how to deal with this. And in those places where their percentage of the population is greater than say 5-10% no one effs with them. In fact they encourage if not train their kids to go out and perform Acts of Dominance on the natives.

Think about this. They make up max 10% of the population and they rule it. Normal laws and regulations are lightly if even enforced except in gross (read politically inconvenient) instances. For example, at present, the Euro governments are competing with each other to be the most restrictive of all regarding the Kung flu, but these rules and restrictions in the European countries do not (effectively) apply to Muslims. There are no non-Muslim areas that are considered to be No-Go.

In contrast, non-leftists in the US make up 40-some percent. And they’re armed.

I realize that Muslims were initially (and still are) given a free pass because the euro-elites wanted some third world pets to take care of. But even so, now that most, if not all, of the euro-elites realize how badly they effed up, they are terrified of their ”pets”.

You can see how terrified the left acted when a few hundred or perhaps thousand non-leftists broke into the Capitol for a few hours. The non-left will not be given any free passes like the Muslims. Whatsoever. But I can’t help but think that Acts of Dominance from the non-left are in the offing. As more and more people lose their jobs, careers, houses, families, etc, not having anything to lose does wonders to focus the mind.

The left has never been any good thinking about the consequences of their actions.

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