The More Things Change… (Part IV)

From a post at Ace of Spades, the game plan of every political huckster is detailed. To wit (reformatted slightly)

  1. Gin up a problem
  2. Panic the populace
  3. Tell them first that you personally have nothing against x, and actually are a big fan of thing you seek to prohibit, except x promotes all these horrible things, let me tell you about some of them
  4. It’s for the children — make sure parents understand that this Lurking Horror threatens to overwhelm at any time, and that there’s nothing they can personally do to stop it, except accede to your plan

But that’s not all!. The post itself was inspired by a comment from one of Ace’s commenters who points out that this list is well-known – so much so that it is even parodied in a scene from an ancient film, The Music Man(1962) – follow the link above to see the video.

It’s funny… Even though people know this schtick, and can laugh at it when it’s presented to them in a parody form, they still fall for it, don’t they?

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