Signs of Success

There seems to be a real problem with some people who try to apply Reynold’s Law to everything. Let’s revisit.

Ace writes a fascinating commentary about Whole Word education (which was inspired by this post from Sarah Hoyt). In the process of reading, it occurred to me that this is Reynold’s Law applied to education (reading in particular).

[...]“Whole Word” reading, [is] such an absurd concept I can only explain what it’s not: It’s not phonics. It’s not reading based on sounding out a word based on the letters, but instead just looking at the word in a gestalt sort of way and guessing what word it is, repeatedly, until the teacher tells you the answer.


I think that once someone really knows how to read, their brains skip the phonics sounding-it-out process and just shortcut to whole word reading.

So, this would seem to indicate that the Whole Word concept is based on promoting the markers of reading success, not the techniques and efforts that got one there.

ToDo: I want to understand how the findings discussed in this article fit, complement, or contradict.

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