This has been a thing for a while now but I couldn’t quite work myself up to lay it all out. Somebody did it for me. So…

It sounds like the (MN) government may’ve backed off, but, as noted by Ace, Antifa, “Mainstream” Media Join Forces to Push the “Right Wing Extremists Are Behind the Riots” False Flag Conspiracy Theory.

OK, so here’s the deal:

Does that mean the known antifa terrorists, and the many black and brown faced rioters, are “crisis actors” hired by these “right wing extremists” to be the fall guy?

This is a conspiracy theory pushed by a radicalized leftwing media determined that their Direct Action arm — antifa — should not be blamed for the violence they’re obviously perpetrating.

America is now Palestine, where they Palestinians blow up schools and then say, “It was really the Jews.”

So here’s Jake Tapper now, saying, “It was really the Jews.”

But that’s not what’s confusing. Mentioned in this very same post, is the fact that

If these riots and arsons are started by “right wing extremists,” why, praytell, are leftwing celebrities and Biden staffers paying charity funds to get them out of jail?

So, to spell this out, if it’s all right-wing extremists behind the riots, why are lefties putting up bail money for them?

Update (20200603): Oh, waittaminute there, the Red Star (aka the Strib) is reporting Officials back off after first blaming outsiders, extremists for Twin Cities violence. The investigations must’ve shown a significant role for Antifa in the riots and that finding needs to be nipped in the bud, toot sweet. So, never mind.

Back to the pandemic!

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