Yeah, I Think This is Worth Noting

Minnesotans like to think of themselves a good citizens who do the Right Thing when asked to by their government. It’s very Scandinavian. Others might and do refer to this as the “often-bovine sense of communitarianism that the left has been exploiting for 100 years“.

As part of this good citizenship, of course, MNs also assume that their government is as caring and virtuous as they are. In spite of showing itself to be populated by a bunch of incompetent ne’er-do’wells (35W Bridge collapse, MNLARS, nursing home patient abuse, pedophilia at the Minneapolis Children’s Theatre Company). And now you can add corruption – or at least the appearances of such. As AlphaNews notes (hat tip Shot In the Dark), Minnesota Candy Store Allowed to Re-Open Due to Personal Connection with Governor Walz.

“Minnesota’s Largest Candy Store,” the large yellow candy store located on Highway 169 in Jordan, Minnesota, was deemed to be “essential” and re-opened last Friday.

According to the store owner, Robert Wagner, he was able to personally meet with the staff of Governor Walz, which led to his store being deemed “essential.” It is unclear how Wagner was able to contact Walz’s staff personally, but this may have started with a personal conversation between Wagner and Walz. It is also unclear how Walz and Wagner are personally connected.

Wagner said that he and his store had satisfied the state’s safety concerns after placing “plastic dividers” at the store checkout lines, and only allowing “200 people in the store” at a time.

Only 200 people.

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