The Media Delenda Est, Part 7

It is tempting to include stories about Tara Reade because they too contribute to the proof of the The Media’s maliciousness, but I want to keep this limited to/around the topic of the “kung flu”.

And so… using an Instapundit link, one of those oh-so patriotic Americans, an Ali Velshi, who also happens to be a talking head for MSNBC, complained that

Trump just called the “My Pillow” guy up to the podium in the Rose Garden. You cannot make this stuff up.

To which Robby Starbuck responded:

Your transparent contempt for an American business owner who has converted his business overnight to make life saving masks for vulnerable Americans is disgusting. The “guy” you’re referring to will make more of a difference with this one act than you ever will in your life.

Sean Davis asks:

The “My Pillow guy” transformed his company into a mask manufacturer to help prevent the transmission of the Wuhan coronavirus.

What would you say you have done that’s on par with that? @AliVelshi

Another digest from The Federalist.

Interesting couple of meta-comments:

Didn’t’ watch the presser…but seeing my feed. For those of you too lazy to understand @realMikeLindell just decided to help battle a global pandemic by basically switching out his entire pillow company to provide 50K face masks per day. What have you done?


This is a clear example of what I call the “Cain Effect”. Lindell’s virtue & hard work embarrasses those who feel entitled to praise & grace. Many of them turn that embarrassment into resentment, just as Cain did with his brother Abel. This is long-documented human nature

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