Remember Li Wenliang

The Iman of Peace mentions

Never forget the Chinese doctor who first warned about coronavirus and was threatened, attacked, smeared, made to sign a confession, silenced, isolated and then died after being infected while trying to help others.

China did all of this.

Not to forget the link to a BBC report about that doctor, Li Wenliang. Back in early February, there were a few other reports about this doctor in English newspapers, the Telegraph and the Evening Standard.

A followup comment notes that this was the Chinese government, not the Chinese people. OK.

… aw, hell, let’s include this too which includes a link and a longer quote from an article in The Times (of London) from March 1.

Chinese laboratories identified a mystery virus as a highly infectious new pathogen by late December last year, but they were ordered to stop tests, destroy samples and suppress the news, a Chinese media outlet has revealed.

A regional health official in Wuhan, centre of the outbreak, demanded the destruction of the lab samples that established the cause of unexplained viral pneumonia on January 1. China did not acknowledge there was human-to-human transmission until more than three weeks later.

The detailed revelations by Caixin Global, a respected independent publication, provide the clearest evidence yet of the scale of the cover-up in the crucial early weeks when the opportunity was lost to control the outbreak.

Censors have been rapidly deleting the report from the Chinese internet.

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