The Media Delenda Est, Part 2

Mollie Hemingway notices something:

This reporter isn’t just running defense for the Communist Chinese government, she’s doing it at the expense of all other work. Why?

This reporter, apparently Cecilia Vega (CBS?), interrogates the President (video at this link):

President Trump asked again why he uses the phrase “Chinese Virus”:

“It comes from China, I want to be accurate”

The owner of the latter link, ALX, asks

Hey @CeciliaVega, did China pay you to ask this question?

Stephen Colbert rants about the racist use of “Chinese virus” to in a video from his home. John Noonan remarks

ViacomCBS has billions at stake in China and they’ve edited content in the past to appease Beijing.

Maybe Colbert really believes that eponymous names for viruses are now racist. But that idea sure came onto the scene fast

And there’s no denying the fiduciary relationship here

Stephen J Miller, no Trump lover he, comments on the Colbert video

China’s information minister blamed the United Statrs for this virus in a conspiracy. Colbert and more journalists seem less bothered by that. Ask why that is.

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