Tucker Carlson Monologues

Some of the most perceptive commentary as well as being the most pointed is seen every evening on Fox Cable, the Tucker Carlson monologues. One might argue that they are perhaps a bit over the top, but one might well argue back back that perhaps it is because they need to be. I don’t have cable TV and I also prefer to read them, so I found this link to the transcripts.

Mr Carlson had a doozy the other day, [t]o protect against coronavirus and other threats, US must become less dependent on China.

Unfortunately, that’s not as simple as it sounds or as it should be. While the rest of us were arguing about sexism and transgendered bathrooms, China took control of our health care system.

China dominates the world market in pharmaceutical ingredients. Compounds used in virtually every essential medicine for high blood pressure, for cancer, for Alzheimer’s disease, and many more come from China.

So do the key components in vital medical technology, including CT scanners, X-ray machines, ultrasound equipment.

As of now, more than 95 percent of all the antibiotics in America are manufactured in communist China. Yes, 95 percent.

Our chief global rival has a total monopoly on the most important medicine in the world. That should worry you more than anything the political candidates are currently talking about.

And also

You’ve heard a lot about disruption to our so-called supply chains. Think about what that means. It means that thanks to economic changes that made a small group of business moguls incredibly rich, we no longer make the things we need to survive and prosper as a nation.

People who hate us and who seek to displace us make those things. And it’s not just medicines and X-ray machines. It’s computers and phones and robotics and automotive components and machine tools and essential parts for aircraft engines, etc.

In fact, apart from fossil fuels, it’s almost everything. And now you may have noticed many of our leaders are talking about shutting down our domestic energy sector. The last independent part of the American economy. This is sabotage.

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