A Total Loser

I usually don’t like to copy-n-paste an entire article, but it difficult not to do so with this one from the Amercian Thinker. It is a bulls-eye from beginning to end, but also quite short. The text below describes our almost-president to a T:

[Hillary Clinton] is a loser – not just a sore loser, but a total loser. She is incredibly incompetent, fundamentally dishonest, and criminally corrupt, and these are her good qualities. In addition, she is bereft of a trace of integrity or character, has absolutely no judgment, and is devoid of people skills (she’s very easy to dislike and distrust and thereby become a member of her deplorables). The 2016 race was hers to lose, and by failing to listen to advice on where to campaign, she managed to do just that – lose! Thank God – a Hillary Clinton presidency would be the last nail in America’s coffin.

We could go through the litany of Hillary Clinton’s failures – Cattlegate, Whitewater, Travelgate, Filegate, her clumsy and opaque handling of the health care assignment her husband handed her, her tour of duty in the U.S. Senate, or her stint at the State Department, starting with her failure to get the Russian word for “reset” correct and ending with her dereliction of duty in the case of Benghazi (which produced four dead Americans, including her “friend” Ambassador Christopher Stevens), which, on testifying before Congress, she fobbed off with “what difference, at this point, does it make?”

Bismarck was right

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