What kind of asshat would publicly humiliate their own grandfather?

From Driscoll at Instapundit, the story of how some leftist asshole pulled a prank on his grandfather and then crowed about it on the internet. Driscoll writes:

This is an interesting balancing act for Stefanowitz. He believes in the apocalyptic vision of Greta’s handlers enough to humiliate his grandfather on the Internet, but not enough to quit the massive combined carbon footprint of Viacom, Twitter, and Apple, or whatever he used to photograph grandpa and upload it to the Internet. It’s both a nice in-kind contribution to the Trump 2020 campaign, and a reminder that Grandpa Stefanowitz isn’t the hypocrite in his grandson’s personal psychodrama.

Worthwhile to visit the comments to see a picture of the “soyboy asshat”. Which is right in the vicinity of the comment that I borrowed for the title of this post.

Another one of the comments:

I read through some of the tweet thread. He says his grandpa figured out what it actually meant and thought it was funny. Brandon takes that as making it A-OK to have done what he did because everybody just needs to get a sense of humor. But here’s the thing: He didn’t mean it in a “sense of humor” way. He very clearly meant it in a mean-spirited “look at the dumb old man I tricked” way. And I can pretty much guarantee that his grandpa knew that and was deeply, deeply hurt by it but didn’t want to make waves. Because I’ve seen my siblings pull this type of shit with my parents and how it affects them while they’re trying not to appear hurt. Brandon Stefanowitz should be ashamed of himself, but since the left doesn’t actually feel shame, he won’t. That being said, whether he feels bad or not, he’s still a shitty, terrible person. As is every person who laughed about this and thought it was funny. Because no matter what he said, it was not meant in good fun. It was spiteful and hateful. But I guess we can at least give him credit for contributing to DJT’s re-election campaign.

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