Misunderstood Diversity

This isn’t the first episode, it won’t be the last, but in this go-round the Toronto Raptors twitter feed celebrates diversity.

Inspired by those brave enough to change the game.

The Toronto Raptors Nike Pro Hijab is available now.

Rita Panahi comments:

While women in Iran risk their lives to fight against this tool of oppression, cowards in the West celebrate the hijab in the name of ‘diversity’ & commercial opportunity. Gross.

Celebrating misogyny in the name of diversity. Veiling was invented by men & imposed upon women to control, separate and subjugate. The hijab/niqab/burqa/chador represent modesty culture, which requires women to cover up, marking those who don’t.

What stood out for me was the gratuitous pose of bravery. Bravery against what? And then, there’s that diversity thing. Commercializing hijabs so that everyone looks the same?

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