Trump “failures”

In the wake of the Bolton firing/resignation, Paul Mirengoff, Powerline’s resident anti-Trumper goes on yet another rant. It appears to be civil and civilised and oh-so measured, but it’s a rant (think Germans at Pearl Harbor). Ultimately, there’s nothing Trump can do that merits more a reluctant atta-boy with a few snide remarks thrown as virtue signalling to his ilk that he hasn’t surrendered.

The commenters at Powerline are, in general, on to Mirengoff and his posts are usually sliced and diced. The following comment was one I particularly liked.

Third fit by the author about John Bolton in as many days. Paul, Trump is not a neo-con. Most conservatives outside DC aren’t either. You know, that swath of land where our military kids come from? Deal with it.

And that list of Trump “failures” to most of us represent a list of problems your guys and the Dems got us into, that Trump is working harder than any president in my half century to get us out of, all while your guys and the Dems who still run D.C. throw up stumbling block after stumbling block, all because you didn’t get another Clinton or Bush, or at least a Rubio.

This one is good too.

Seriously, Saint Paul Mirengoff? No president has had to deal with an entirely unprecedented “Resist” movement that incorporated the not only
-the “loyal” opposition Republican party, (RINOs, Never Trumpers and “mavericks”),
-the disloyal (completely unscrupulous communist/socialists masquerading as Democrats) opposition party,
-the equally immoral news media, who if they’re not the enemy of the people are surely the enemy of this republic,
-individual federal judges determined to thwart almost any important initiative, -the huge federal bureaucracy with their own agenda for acquiring power and their own “ox” to protect from goring,
-the deeply corrupt US Un-Intelligence community as perverted by the Obama administration,
-the overwhelming majority of the so-called entertainment industry, and
-an endless herd/flock/school of self serving parasites eager to cultivate favor and fame by insinuation and innuendo…and flat out lying… about what he has done and what he has failed to do.

George W. Bush faced a lot of hostility but nothing like the attempted plain coup d’etat that Trumps foes have deployed…and the true nature and extent of which could not have been anticipated during the campaign when those promises were being made.

…and other than criticising, What have you done to help overcome and prevent this coup?

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