Kan vi ikke snart blive fri for al det gøgl

Or can we ever be free of these clown-shows?

Denmark doesn’t just have doctors (læger), they have master or chief doctors (overlæger) as well. Uriasposten references something interesting (and important) that got me thinking that I don’t think I’d ever seen this perspective before. I am translating only one sentence (original below the fold) that was, in fact, in bold at the blog.

Courageous letter from “master doctor” i psychiatry, Laurits Laursen, to the editor [of Doctor's Weekly]

For multiple psychiatric diseases, confusion about one’s identity one of the symptoms. Which also includes sexual identity. Are these irregularities now ignored in a diagnostic?

The illustrative subject phrase is part of a video linked from the blog above. This topic returns.

Modigt læserbrev af overlæge i psykiatri Laurits Laursen fra Ugeskrift for Læger

Ved flere psykiatriske lidelser er identitetsforstyrrelser et af symptomerne. Herunder også forstyrrelse af seksuelle identitet. Må disse symptomer ikke længere indgå i den diagnostiske afklaring?

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