What Watergate Really Was, Part 2

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From linked-to review by Andrew Klavan that discusses Mark Levin’s book Unfreedom of the Press, he describes what Watergate really was (my bold):

That changes what Watergate means. That transforms it from a heroic crusade into a political hit job, Democrat hackery masquerading as nobility. The press turned a blind eye to the corruption of JFK and LBJ, then raced to overturn the election of a man they despised [...]

There’s also a reference to the book from that time, It Didn’t Start With Watergate by Victor Lasky that could’ve awoken the so-called conservatives from their dreamy dreams of a civilized governance with their friends the Democrats and moderate Republicans. Had they woke up back then they would not have needed that bucket of cold water which is Trump (no wonder they’re still angry about that).

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