The Tyranny of Myopia

This article is brilliant, as perceptive as anything written in the last 10 years. I probably can’t quote the whole thing, but I would. Here’s a few quotes – you’ll have to read the article itself for an explanation of the title.

Setting the stage

Nonetheless, it was a great pleasure to experience an overlap between my own personal political convictions and my academic position that the political categories as existed after the Cold War were obsolete, and I interpreted Trump as a necessary and desirable first step toward this political realignment.

Reasons for hope:

Put another way, if a candidate with nothing more than the support of the people can win against the coordinated opposition of every single powerful institution in society, that says there remains something healthy about the functioning of our democratic institutions.


After spending $7 trillion on Mideast wars since 2001—that is, for perspective, more than the collective market capitalization of Amazon, Apple, Facebook, and Google combined, plus the entirety of student loan debt, plus private credit card debt—after all of that, we couldn’t spare $20 billion for a wall to protect our country. After $800 billion in military budget funding, not even $20 billion to build our wall. I’m almost thinking it may be a better prospect for us to give Raytheon or Boeing the contract for the wall. Maybe then we’d have a better chance of it getting built.

And finally

Another aspect of institutional failure that has not changed and is indeed becoming exacerbated is the lack of accountability for failure and wrongdoing. This is evident in the fact that not a single person has been held accountable for our disastrous wars in the Middle East, and in fact, some people have even been rewarded with positions within the current administration. Not a single person has been held responsible for the financial crisis of 2008. There’s not a single person held to account for the opioid crisis, which continues to ravage our nation. And there is not a single person who has actually been held accountable for this now-revealed Russia hoax, in which the upper-echelons of the Justice Department, FBI, and CIA conspired in what amounted to an attempted coup and an attack the legitimacy of the president and our electoral system.

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