They Eventually Reveal Themselves

This guy (CPA, Business owner, ex-Republican with some 3000 followers and some 83k tweets using an inspiring picture of Biden on his intro), is moved by the ever-so conservative Andrew Sullivan, who wants to take the so-called high-road and he’s willing to do it at any cost. And so when someone cooks his argument down to its essence:

It’s always better to lose and be so very gentlemanly about it.

He responded:

It’s better than acting like a leftist to own the leftists.

Note that this very definitely implies that actually implementing non-leftist policies and/or reversing leftist policies is unimportant if it means electorally defeating the left by using their own tactics against them.

Schlichter addressed this from a different perspective in a different thread:

When all you get are lies – about what happened, about you, about your motives – then you are neither crazy or wrong to conclude that your opponent is not operating in good faith, and that the usual modes of interaction will be fruitless.

but the meaning is probably too extreme for that guy above.

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