Man, Two More Interesting Comments

to build on the two from the previous post.

Leftist knucklehead tweets:

I just watched at least 50 cops in Philadelphia struggle to stop a single active shooter on the news just now.

Can we stop this “good guys with a gun” bullshit now? It’s a myth.

To which Cam Edwards responds:

This guy was a six-time convict who somehow still managed to illegally possess guns and drugs. Can we stop this “banning stuff works to get rid of it” bullshit now? It’s a myth.

And then there was this from a confirmed H8er

So to the gun nuts who think people need arsenals to protect against “government tyranny,” notice what that mentality allows for in places like Philadelphia right now…people couldn’t hold an entire neighborhood hostage like this in a sane society that valued life over guns

To which Mr Schlichter noted:

You kind of proved the patriots’ point.

Seems like small number of armed people can have a disproportionately large impact.

There are 100 million US gun owners.

Perhaps declaring war on them is a poor idea.

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