Mueller Redux

As the New & Improved! Mueller hearings collapse in disaster, I was reminded that Mueller himself has a history of being a failure but not catastrophic enough to ever have to retire or go away in shame. I knew that I has written something about his handling of the Whitey Bulger case, but that didn’t cover nearly as much ground as I wanted. So, I had to go looking around.

This turned up and is quite good. In the paragraph quoted below I’ve retained the links:

Mueller [...] has a long record of abusing the power of his office over the years, no matter which office he occupied at the time. He let four men rot in prison knowing they were innocent, a crime that cost taxpayers nearly $100M in recompense to the victims. He did the bidding of Hillary Clinton when she delivered uranium to Russia. Then, working with James Comey, he seriously misprosecuted the anthrax case, relentlessly pursuing an innocent man, Steven Hatfill, and again costing the taxpayers millions, this time $5.82M. As with Comey, Mueller’s positions of power over the years have gone to his head and made him both arrogant and careless.

Oh, and the hearings? Take it away, Liz W (thanks to Thread Reader):

5 biggest takeaways from Mueller’s testimony:

1. Robert Mueller has zero credibility, he doesn’t know what’s in his own report. (How do you not know what’s in your own report?!)

2. Mueller didn’t investigate the ORIGINS of the Trump/Russia collusion allegations (i.e. the Steele dossier). How do you make a judgment about allegations when you refuse to look at the source of the allegation?

3. Mueller said his report doesn’t exonerate Trump on obstruction… but the role of a prosecutor IS NOT TO EXONERATE. Everybody enjoys the presumption of innocence until proven guilty. Mueller’s words betray that he is biased & abused his role as a prosecutor.

4. Mueller said “my investigation was never curtailed, stopped, or hindered at any time.” HE WAS NOT OBSTRUCTED.

5. No collusion, no conspiracy, no proof of obstruction. Oh wait… we already knew this. Big winner in today’s hearings was @realDonaldTrump.

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