Only 99.9% Needed to Maintain Order

From a Kurt Schlichter article, Be A Rooftop Korean, sandboxvet quotes:

Civilization’s dirty little secret is that it can only maintain order
when 99.9% of folks are orderly. But, if say just 2% stop playing by
the rules…uh oh. LA’s population was 15 million in 1992… and that made
for 300,000 bad guys.

Even if the numbers are exaggerated, the notion itself is quite true. Moreover, it is probably too subtle, but it explains the problem with the import of criminals and problem people (regardless of color) to countries grown quite fat, dumb, and happy with societies in which 99.9% are, in fact, orderly.

Europe in general and Denmark specifically have this problem in that they’ve completely forgotten how to deal with the criminals they’ve imported (as well as allow to roam about).

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