I Did Learn Something

Even old dogs can learn… I really hope that Trump doesn’t bite off on this, for lack of a better term, Neo-Con inspired (maybe the Deep State?) effort to get this country into another war. Or wars. Because that would cost him my vote.

The very same media that demanded W. abandon 25 million Iraqis to the meat grinder of al Qaeda is suddenly concerned with Syrians.

Syria: The Siren Song of War. Clearly events are pushing Washington to do “something” about Syria and Assad – and yes, fifty-plus missiles fired at Syria tonight…

Update (20170408): We won’t get fooled again? Under my alternate title for this post, let’s add in the Zman, Donald Herbert Walker Trump.

Yesterday, the alt-right and even many seasoned geezers like me took a body blow when Trump abandoned everything he said over the last two years and embraced the idiocy of yet another war in the Middle East. Not only is he embracing the lunacy of the traitorous neocons, he is risking war with Russia. His “reason” for condemning himself to ruin is that his daughter got the sads over seeing pictures of dead kids in Syria. She takes to twitter over this latest agit-prop and in a day daddy is launching missiles at Assad.

Can’t say as how I’m quite as wound up as that, but the post does make some strong points. On the other hand, I would guess that Scott Adams would explain this as reframing the notion that Trump is under the control of Putin and sure enough:

President Trump just solved for the allegation that he is Putin’s puppet. He doesn’t look like Putin’s puppet today. And that was Trump’s biggest problem, which made it America’s problem too. No one wants a president who is under a cloud of suspicion about Russian influence.

There are five other advantages too, so the rest of the post is very much worth reading. And these benefits accrue even if the gas attack is a fake:

As I blogged yesterday, the claim that Assad ordered a chemical attack on his own people in the past week doesn’t pass my sniff test. For Assad to order a gas attack now – while his side is finally winning – he would have to be willing to risk his life and his regime for no real military advantage. I’m not buying that.

Update (20170408): marked separately for it’s uniqueness. I saved something about this before from Vox; how the more intelligent the irrational are, the better they are at rationalization. That is, giving meaning to their irrationality.

And so, while reading a Danish blog, I saw a link to a video from the ever irrational Lawrence O’Donnell who is intent on getting to the bottom of this conspiracy.

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