A Little Help From Those Sites I Follow

I really like reading/following Kurt Schlichter on Twitter, but as much as I agree with the points he makes in his articles at Townhall.com, I can sometimes undervalue an important point while wallowing in the (enjoyable) snark. I was made aware of this by Bookworm in referencing this article:

Somewhere along the line, the left decided that judges were a convenient shortcut to avoid the unpleasant hassle of actually passing laws through the legislative process. To them, the Constitution is not a glorious barrier to government overreach – or, rather, the fact that it is one is a bug, not a feature. To them, our Constitution is an obstacle to be overcome, and any given law should be applied, if at all, only in the manner most conducive to what liberals want right this minute. Tell me what Democrat appointed a given judge in a political case and I will tell you how he will vote with 99% accuracy. No, I don’t have some sort of psychic ability. I just pay attention.

If you don’t believe me, read the Ninth Circuit’s decision interpreting the president’s powers to exclude aliens under the applicable statute. You’ll find something missing, something significant: any mention of the applicable statute. You aren’t interpreting the law if you neglect to ever mention the law you’re allegedly interpreting. What you’re really doing is exercising raw power in the service of your whims.

It is a sad fact that judges today are simply another caste of political actors, except they don’t have to deal with the hassle of reelection and thereby the inconvenience of accountability. It’s not about justice, it’s about raw power – power that they shouldn’t have, but do. If the courts wish not to be treated like just another hack partisan actor, then perhaps they shouldn’t act like just another hack partisan actor. We’re done with these double standards. You can’t expect the honor and respect due a neutral who merely seeks to do justice without being a neutral who merely seeks to do justice.

Yes, exactly and thanks for the reminder.

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