The Post-Scientific Method

From Watts Up With That?, a long running post regarding the fiasco going on in Antarctica (by the way, this story is so rich in stupidity, a trip to the site itself is worthwhile; for example, apparently a big reason for the difficulties is the delay from sightseeing mishaps and dawdling by the passengers getting back on ship). Anyway, this post has now been superseded by normal updates, but the thing I wanted to note was this comment therein:

Glenn [apparently, the local troll], warmist dogma is not based in the scientific method. If it was Mike Mann and his cohort would be the strongest and foremost critics of their own work as Feynman prescribed for any scientist. They find the scientific method out-moded and use the post-scientific method in their work, i.e. we presume this problem exists and we need to create a narrative that makes people want to do something about it before it’s too late, sort of thing. That’s why their work is unfalsifiable. That’s why there were reporters on the boat and why reporters have found so many dire consequences of Climate Change.

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Bonus Link: A complete list of things caused by global warming – removed and reformatted from the comment quote above.

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