Not Rioting

Small Dead Animals is, like Ace, one of the more perceptive sites; it is also a site that has a knack for creating memes. Once created, I have not found the site to be very good at referencing the origins of the more cryptic of them and one of the most cryptic is

“Not showing up to riot” is a failed conservative policy

Driscoll referenced it yesterday in a way that led to an explanation.

It apparently all started on the Corner (whether this was, in fact, the true genesis or not is irrelevant to me, because it was from this refernce that I was able to figure out the concept). Jonah Goldberg discovered from an interview between George Stephanopolous and Justice Stephen Breyer that

[...] the upshot of this is that if more people rioted and killed people after idiots burned the American flag, it might be constitutional to ban flag burning too. Good to know, I suppose.

Note, however, that the Driscoll article mentioned above is also very, very good.

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