A Quote Load

Lots of good quotes in this single link (look for the View Comments link at the bottom). I don’t know how Obama does it, but he brings out the best in people.

First up, :

Dude, the government’s stunning incompetence is the only reason we aren’t living 1984 right now. Be glad of it. Embrace it. Because you do not want to see what an efficient, overarching government looks like.

Second, in an indirect response to the above, a quote from Thomas Sowell, on why he stopped being a Marxist:

I was a Marxist I guess for a decade from about the time I was 20 to 30 roughly. What changed my mind was not anything I had read. I was a Marxist when I went into Milton Friedman’s course at [the University of] Chicago and I was a Marxist when I came out of it.

What changed me was working as an economic intern in the government in 1960 and discovering what the government bureaucracies were like in terms of their motivations and how they do their job. I immediately realized government is not the answer. Life taught me.

Third, a geek comment, the significance of which I don’t truly understand, but I like it nonetheless:

You can write PHP in any language.

I like this too:

The compulsive need of TEAM BLUE schmucks to find some way, any way, of rhetorically inflating the “direness” of any given situation where they are not getting what they want is so fucking tiresome. I realize that they do it to continually make their sheep base go apeshit and think the sky is falling, but as a tactic it robs language of any meaning. At this point opposing Obamacare is racist and Cruz and the GOP using completely known and agreed upon Congressional rules and tactics is a coup?

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