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Pick Any Two

From a comment in this article: democracy, welfare state, or free immigration, pick any two Instapundit like to use the James Bennett quote democracy, immigration, multiculturalism — pick any two; it’s also good, but less obvious.

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Even More Sinister

There are times when I think that James Taranto can be too clever by half, but I am willing to acknowledge that could perhaps be my inability to appreciate his conclusions. That said, however, I think he has a really … Continue reading

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Exculpatory Information

Starting with this assertion from a few years ago during Weiner-gate: When there is evidence of scandalous or bizarre behavior on the part of a political figure, and no reasonable explanation is revealed within 24 to 48 hours, then the … Continue reading

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Captain Renault Works for AP

Treacher writes an article about the media’s reaction after “[Obama's] been exposed going after the Associated Press”. Anyway, I liked this comment from the article: I don’t see why the media is so upset about this. Employers snoop on their … Continue reading

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Disgusting Words of Advice

From Elvis Costello’s song, “The Angels Want to Wear My Red Shoes”, words of wisdom for dealing with Life, the Universe, and Everything (as Douglas Adams might put it): I used to be disgusted, but now I try to be … Continue reading

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Journalism in the USA, 2013

From Iowahawk via Ace: Journalism is about covering important stories. With a pillow, until they stop moving. Or, as put in another, less sarcastic way with regards to the Benghazi hearings, from an article at Walter Russell Mead’s Blog Via … Continue reading

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Jobs Americans Won’t Do

From Sultan Knish: There are all sorts of jobs that Americans won’t do. Like pick lettuce, bomb the Boston Marathon and report honestly on the motives of the bombers. There’s more. The context for example. And all the other words … Continue reading

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The More Things Change… (Part IV)

From a post at Ace of Spades, the game plan of every political huckster is detailed. To wit (reformatted slightly) Gin up a problem Panic the populace Tell them first that you personally have nothing against x, and actually are … Continue reading

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From Driscoll’s commentary about The New Bookburners, was a link to another, previous post about religious fanaticism in which Michael Crichton is quoted: You can not believe in God, but you still have to believe in something that gives meaning … Continue reading

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Teabaggers. No? Well, then Anarchists

Ace references a post at Jammie Wearing Fool and the following from a KevinInABQ:

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