More Fun With Statistics

From Alex Berenson:

Per @cdcgov: Since Feb. 1, 45 American kids under 15 have died of #Covid.

13,088 have died of all other causes.

Since Feb. 1, 11,371 Americans under 55 have died of #Covid (most with serious comorbidities).

189,592 have died of all other causes.

What on earth are we doing?

And remember, there’s a lot of evidence that the Kung flu numbers are inflated.

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Forever Nattering on About Civility and Tone

Via Ace (from which the title comes): a well-deserved jeremiad for Conservative, Inc, American Conservatism Is Fiddling While Rome Burns. To think it was published at Dreher’s American Conservative.

This one longish quote, the intro, is very good

What is conservatism in America today? It’s hundreds of millions of dollars a year spent fiddling while Rome burns. It’s ideas with little to no consequence. It’s getting trampled all over by History, but while yelling Stop!

Conservatism is the seven cheers for capitalism and the deafening silence on demographic change, feminism, and corporate malfeasance. It’s the same tired cast of speakers blathering about limited government almost a century after the New Deal. It’s the platitudinous Reagan quotes and the worn-out Buckley anecdotes. It’s the mindless optimism and the childish exhortations—if something can’t go on forever, it won’t!

If it were only that, conservatism would simply be a harmless persuasion for nostalgic Baby Boomers. Or to be more generous, one big Benedict Option to offer a semblance of an alternative to the pervasive progressivism of our age.

But conservatism is also the endless wars, the nation-building, and the outdated alliances. It’s the free trade fetish. It’s the foolish libertarianism that hates the government more than it loves America. It’s the unconscionable refusal to clamp down on immigration.

Worst of all, conservatism is the cowardice and accommodation in the face of leftist hegemony. It’s the long list of enemies to the Right. It’s the court eunuchs and other members of the controlled opposition who offer an echo, but never a choice. It’s the faux grandstanding while living in fear of being called a racist.

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Your Woke Tipping Point

A Question

“Everyone is a racist.”
“Abolish the police.”
“Sex isn’t real.”
“2+2 isn’t 4.”

Where is your woke tipping point? You need to have one.

Every single one of these items is something taken seriously by way too many people (which is why I added the links that weren’t there in the original). However, a followup tweet mentioned something else:

Those are symptoms. You need to identify the cause. It’s “reality is socially constructed”.

This social construction grift is not just some (pseudo-)intellectual voodoo (even tho’ it is), is it also considered “some serious shit” to be taught to those un(der)educated twits that go to college. The more elite the university, the more pure the indoctrination. It’ll have to be ripped out by the roots eventually.

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A Prediction To Follow

A comment at the Shot In The Dark blog that I pretty much wish I had written:

The Wuhan virus (SARS-COV-2 aka covid) will not have run its course by Oct which is the start of the flu season. The flu will be seen as an intensifier for the spread of the Wuhan virus so by the end of Oct the push from Walz, Cuomo,etc will be to close down all schools until at least the end of flu season which would be March 2021. If the Wuhan virus has not abated by then there will be pressure to maintain the school lock out. It could be at least a couple years before things approach “normal”. Unless Joe Biden wins then I predict “back to normal” by Thanksgiving.

Always good to keep predictions around for later.

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A Fool, an Ideologue, or Both?

I’ve been trying to explain this to people for weeks now. Nice to have someone do for me.

Alex Berenson asks

Being terrified in early March was prudent. Being terrified in early April was wrong but understandable. But being terrified now makes you a fool, an ideologue, or both. And spreading that terror is worse.

Terrified seems like a dumb reaction because it limits your options. Regardless, someone responded

this x1000.

I was terrified in March, and still very cautious in April.

But now the data so overwhelmingly speaks for itself. It’s like we’ve forgotten there is a basic risk to living each day.

and then followed up

I’ve been saying this for months. It’s almost like we convinced ourselves that prior to March we were living with 0% risk and now we can’t go back to our lives unless we reach some fantastical stage of no risk when that was never the case to begin with.

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Two Comments Worth Remembering

I squirreled this away a few days ago and didn’t get around to working on it. This morning I was responding to an email gag and I could’ve used this.

Jesse Kelly remarks:

Stop letting the dumbest, weakest, whiniest people in our society control what we do. Ignore them.

To which someone else responded:

“One of the penalties for refusing to participate in politics is that you end up being governed by your inferiors.” – Plato

I have no idea if this was stated by Plato, but it doesn’t make it any less true.

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To Recuse or Not to Recuse

Mirengoff is ticked off with the results of the Alabama Senate Republican primary. It’s not an annoyed or irritated or angry ticked off, it’s that sort of shoulder shrugging “sigh”. Why won’t people give real conservatives like himself and Sessions their due? Why indeed.

Sessions backed out of a fight he could win and in point of fact, did so with a number of cases during his time as evidenced by the following comment to the same post:

If G-d came down from heaven and told me that Sessions should have recused I’ll accept it.

However, his recusal didn’t prevent him from prosecuting Lois Lerner. He chose not to.

His recusal Didn’t prevent him from prosecuting Hillary for her illegal server or her involvement with the Uranium scandal. He chose not to.

His recusal didn’t prevent him from prosecuting Hillary/Obama for Benghazi he chose not to.

His recusal didn’t prevent him from stopping the raid on Trumps lawyer – it had nothing to do with Russia. He chose not to.

His recusal didn’t prevent him from prosecuting the beautiful Wasserman Shultz and her Pakistani IT experts. He chose not to.

His recusal Didn’t prevent him from telling Rodentstein that Mueller was conflicted and should be ineligible for the hoax investigation.

He’s recusal didn’t prevent him from getting preliminary information from Rodentstein and determining that it was a hoax from the get-go and stopping it.

His recusal didn’t prevent him from telling Rodentstein that Mueller couldn’t have a team of only partisan Democrats.

I could go on and on but it seems like the McClellan wing of the Republican Party believes in recusal for me but not for thee

Good list. True too.

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Three States Account for 42 Percent of Kung-flu Deaths in America

This article is another of those significant and important pieces in the fight against Kung-flu ignorance.

Let’s start with the biggest finding:

If these three states [New York, New Jersey, and Massachusetts] are excluded, the US suddenly finds itself somewhere in between nations such as Luxembourg (176/1M) and Macedonia (166/1M), where some of the better fatality numbers in Europe are found.

So many commenters, mostly left but also on the right, opine about the awful job that Trump is doing regarding the Kung flu. There may be some truth, but the fact is that the states in this country are the primary focus in how they treat their own citizens. And for many blue state governments, like these three, they have assertively and decisively eff’d up.

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The Polls

Of late, various organizations have reported on how badly Trump is polling. Wretchard the Cat comments:

Punishing or canceling individuals for politically incorrect speech might make the polls less accurate. When Ceausescu began his last speech he thought he was the most beloved man in Romania.

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It’s Never the Left’s Fault

I was reading a comment to a blog post in which a lefty troll claimed “In fact, Trump has done more to enable and empower the forces of left-illiberalism than anyone on the left“. I was reminded of that great quote from the movie Forrest Gump in which an abusive boyfriend tries to excuse his previous abuse by explaining

Things got a little out of hand. It’s just this war and that lying son of a bitch Johnson and…I would never hurt you. You know that.

I was surprised by how hard it was to find this quote. IMDB didn’t have it (wut?) nor did a lot of other Forrest Gump quote sites. I finally found the quote in its entirety here, a site that looks to be, like mine, a collection of interesting things or, of course, a Thing Finder. Thanks to the maintainer of that site.

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