Hey! How Ya Been

Long time since I squirrelled away something, but I have something nice now.

It’s from the Driscoll man and it links together two other people I like to read (Kathy Shaidle and Dr Dalrymple) together with a nice young man, Christopher Orlet, who (re)discovered something interesting:

[... T]oo many of the underclass enjoy the culture of poverty. They would feel horribly out of place in a tony subdivision where they would have to work to make a house and car payment, instead of drinking beer all day on the stoop ? they don’t even have stoops in the suburbs. They would have to cut their lawns and keep the trash and noise to a minimum. What fun is that? In the inner-city you can do whatever the hell you want. You can even shoot somebody, and chances are no one will rat you out, because that is the code of the inner-city streets, and people there hate the cops more than they hate the drug dealers.

A guy might even send a few buck towards The American Spectator to help ‘em out.

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