The Chicago Mass Shooting You Didn’t Hear About This Week

First of all, the mass shooting this week was larger, ie, involved more people than usual, but in Chicago multiple shootings on *any* given weekend are pretty common.

Second of all, this is being written in the context of the past two, three weeks in which multiple mass shootings have occurred in other places nationally. To which the MSM has frantically tried to link the non-left whites as being to blame.

So, I just want to have this record of a mass shooting what will be page-10-unmentioned in the NY Times, Washington Post, et al and forgotten as quickly as possible by all the other MSM outlets. The fact that no one is mentioning race is a dead-bang bulls-eye giveaway that it was a black and black crime.

The city of Chicago suffered a mass shooting Thursday [May 19] (At least two people were killed and another seven wounded).

Update (20220522): Breitbart reports that as of Sunday morning (May 22), 21 Shot Friday into Sunday Morning in Lori Lightfoot’s Chicago. So, after the mass shooting reported above. And Sunday isn’t over yet.

Update (20220525): The Greenville (SC) News reports that over the weekend, Four teens, ages 15 to 19, shot dead within hours in small South Carolina city of Newberry. I’m guessing those involved don’t make for an interesting (to the media) story to sensationalize.

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