Critical Grooming Theory

Found from Twitchy, a Twitter link (and Thread reader app). It’s very clever and all the right people will be offended, but it also presumes that the bolsheviks will actually take the underlying message to heart (oh! – head-slap – I’m so glad you told me!).

When some people hear “groomer,” they immediately apply a Western, individualistic lens. But they fail to realize that “grooming” is a systemic, structural problem deeply embedded in our “ways of knowing.”

A thread. 1/

When I, as a Critical Gooming Theorist (CGT) say that all progressives are groomers, I’m not saying that they personally support grooming, as defined by the dictionary. I’m saying that they benefit politically from “systems of advantage” that harm children. 2/

When a progressive is offended that he’s called a “groomer,” that is a symptom of “groomer fragility.” He needs to sit with his discomfort and do the work to understand the lived experience of children and detrans folk who are harmed by systemic grooming. 3/

A lot of progressives think there is a category of “not groomer.” But one is either “groomer” or “anti-groomer.” Being “not groomer” is just a way to perpetuate systemic grooming. 4/

Grooming is one of many interlocking systems of oppression. One cannot be anti-groomer if one is a communist. One cannot be anti-groomer if one is a feminist. To be “anti-groomer” it to recognize the intersections of your communist, feminist, progressive privilege. 5/

Superficial change is insufficient. CGT shows that systemic grooming has been baked into supposedly neutral, objective ideas like “expressive individualism,” “identity,” and “social justice” from our nation’s founding. Dismantling it requires fundamental social transformation 6/

Is this thread satire? Yes. But it’s a satire based on statements and reasoning taken nearly verbatim from the Critical Social Justice literature (e.g. Kendi, DiAngelo, Adams, Collins, etc.). CSJ is fundamentally flawed, cynical, and deconstructive. It is a universal acid. 7/

If this thread frustrates you, good. It should. It shows why we need to reject CSJ. It will poison our discourse and tear to shreds the very fabric of our society. Maybe rethink how you’ve been redefining words like “racism,” “bigotry,” whiteness,” and “Christian nationalism.” 8/

If you’ve been drinking the Kool-Aid of CSJ language and ideology, it’s time to wake-up. They’re a dead-end. You don’t have to choose between embracing CSJ and embracing actual racism/sexism/injustice. You can and must reject both. 9/9

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