“Experts” have become the new priesthood…

So true. The author continues.

…handing down new revelation from on high. Dissenters become the new heretics, who must be punished. Vaccination has become the new baptism into the body of the Right Thinking. Even among many professing Christians, trust in Fauci and the medical experts has become the new salvation, coordinating perfectly with the increasing role of Woke progressivism (of which Branch Covidianism is an important part) as a bona fide replacement for traditional religion in that “God shaped vacuum” left by the rejection of abiding faith in Jesus Christ.

An awful lot of interesting commentary in here, Scott Adams’ Come to Fauci Moment.

There’s also a lot of Boomer shaming. As I noted in a comment there, I find myself in the odd and somewhat uncomfortable position of being a Boomer and yet in complete agreement with the author’s points. In essence, to hold the same opinions and yet be denigrated for the actions of others over whom I have no control nor with whom I have no desire to be included.

That said, there is a nice explanation of why many or most Boomers believe the so-called experts.

The intellectual underpinnings for Boomers were formed when most of America’s institutions still actually worked as advertised. Their generation is used to assuming that things like government agencies and large corporations fundamentally operate for the good of those who they supposedly serve. This creates a normalcy bias that leads to undue trust being granted to them. Boomers have a great deal of difficulty coming to grips with the increasing institutional decay and dysfunctionality that characterises modern America.

There’s more of this also with regards to “midwits”, but the real reason I wanted to blog about this was this listing:

Since the beginning of the pandemic:

  • We were told that masking doesn’t stop viral spread (which is true), then that masking is vitally important and worth arresting people for who are alone on beaches, then back to masks not really doing much again – none of this on the basis of “science” but politics.
  • We were told that the vaccines were safe, only to find tens of thousands of people dying and tens of thousands more developing lifelong debilitating side effects, even in people for whom the risk factors due to covid were quite minimal.
  • We were told that vaccines were safe for children under 18, but then started seeing children under 18 dying or developing weird heart and neurological conditions after vaccinations in their cohort started.
  • We were told that ivermectin was “horse paste” and dangerous to humans despite thousands of prescriptions for it written every year, and whole countries stopping covid in its tracks by using this drug.
  • We were told that the vaccines provided better immunity than simply getting the disease and getting over it, which is scientifically spurious.
  • We were told that vaccinated people couldn’t spread the disease, only to find out that not only can they spread it as much as the unvaxxed and carried similar viral loads, but that the highly infectious new Omicron strain appears to selectively evade the vaccines and infect vaccinated people preferentially.
  • We were told for over a year that linking lifestyle comorbidities like obesity and diabetes to susceptibility to covid was “fat shaming” and morally unacceptable, only for “health experts” to now admit that these factors do play a major role in the disease’s severity.
  • We were shown skyhigh death tolls for covid, only for “experts” to now begin acknowledging that there has been a good deal of overcounting and shady accounting that has gone into those numbers.

And I could go on. These are all things that “weird rando anons” on Twitter were getting right well before the experts were dragged kicking and screaming to them.

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