Suburban White Women

Someone sent me this link to a gab comment:

Every morning I get up and see the utter carnage in my newsfeed caused or enabled by the dementia-riddled frontman for demonic Marxists and I think to myself, “Damn, I really need to just go and thank a suburban white woman for sparing us those mean tweets.”

It’s true. It reminded me of a poll result from a few days ago.

(Selzer poll – national) Do you approve/disapprove of the job Biden is doing?

Overall: 34/52
GOP: 6/89
Dems: 70/13
Indie: 31/52
Men: 33/56
Women: 36/48
Under 35: 27/51
Over 65: 38/51
White: 31/59
Non-white: 40/39
Suburban women: 52/31
Evangelical: 26/66
Midwesterners: 32/56

NotTheBee provided the link but also an interesting comment as well.

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