We can’t incarcerate our way out of this problem

That’s a quote from Hennepin County Attorney Mike Freeman in response to requests from Minnesota’s organization of police chiefs as well as the mayors of the well-off suburban cities of HennCo. Bill Glahn brings this up in an article from American Experiment: They’ve tried nothing and are all out of ideas.

So, I have a twitter thread from CrimeWatchMpls that demonstrates this.

Repeat offender Michael John Daly, DOB: 08/17/1958
Address: 24xx W 58th St
Admitted to taking a stolen vehicle on a joyride.

However, @HennepinAtty Mike Freeman declined to charge Daly with auto theft because the keys had been left in the vehicle.

Instead, Daly has been charged with gross misdemeanor driving after cancelation.

Daly has 29 prior convictions including at least 12 felonies that include auto theft and attempted auto theft.
Many other cases involve driving violations, stolen property, tamper w/vehicle.

Daly was just convicted of theft in Dakota County 6 days before being caught in the stolen vehicle. He was placed on probation by Judge Jamie L. Cork. There’s no indication in the record that Daly has been probation violated in that case after the new charge in #Mpls.

Five days before Daly was found in the stolen vehicle, he was in Hennepin Cty Court on a case involving theft and trespassing. Despite Daly’s lengthy history of convictions, Judge Colette Routel placed Daly on probation without conviction and continued the case for dismissal.

Yesterday (Friday [20220116]), Daly was released from custody on the new charge with no bail required by Senior Judge Janet Poston

So, if they won’t even try incarceration, how do they know it won’t work?

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