Ever Since “One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest”

An exaggeration because the movie only crystallized what was then a movement arguing that “institutionalizing”, ie, putting away the mentally ill is a Bad Thing. A movement which has grown, both deeper and broader, to encompass the wide-spread acceptance of all sorts of behaviors, large and small, that indicate mental illness. It used to be that people who were just mildly mentally ill would struggle with their condition in an effort to keep it under control if not defeat it; now, they open an account on TikTok and broadcast their illness.

This rant was brought to you by an Althouse post, “In the Michigan Shooting, What Is the School’s Responsibility?”.

By “put them in a safe place,” I think Ross means put Ethan Crumbley in custody. He apparently begged “help me.” It sounds as though he struggled with an uncontrollable impulse. I understand the school wanting to defend itself after the fact, but what’s more important is for schools to take action to protect the students who are trapped there and endangered by other students.

This is part of a larger issue of government declining to keep the peace and attempting to convince us that it cannot keep the peace, something I wrote about last month, after the Rittenhouse verdict and the Waukesha massacre

The same (sorts of) people who have made it impossible to “put [the mentally ill] in a safe place” are now focused on gun control so you can’t protect yourself from the results of their mistakes.

The comments to the post mention other mentally ill (school) shooters who should’ve been put in a safe place as well.

Update (20211207): Jesse Kelly, in reference to an article in the NY Post, “Man busted for assault is freed, allegedly beats two random NYC women, is freed again“, disagrees:

Just want to remind everyone that this is intentional. Communists turn violent criminals loose during their revolutionary phase because they know they’ll hurt people. Which creates a feeling of unease and chaos

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