Totally Humiliated, They Wanted Revenge

As is typical, a blog post at Ace’s place covers a lot of ground with a lot of interesting topics. What I wanted to blog (apart from the fact that it’s impossible to later find shit at Ace’s place) was this interesting comment from a linked tweet by Cernovich.

When you think of J6, you picture the Q Anon shaman or even the outside scene – a minor riot.

When the regime thinks of J6, they see that picture (99% of you never saw) of the most powerful people in the world crawling around in terror of maga mee-maws.

Wizard of Oz moment.

I don’t often add images to my posts (too expensive), but here:

And let’s include this image as well.

And from this thread

I only saw *that* image once. Then it’s like it vanished. It all came together. These people who vote to send people to war stuffed their faces into dirty carpet. They were totally humiliated and they wanted revenge.

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