Costs and Benefits

From a commenter at Shot in the Dark blog in reaction to a (pretty damn disappointing) tweet (from someone I thought I could trust):

“Vaccines don’t prevent the Wuhan virus from spreading, but they largely neutralize its effects. Get vaccinated and life returns to normal as this becomes a manageable disease. We’ll stop obsessing over ‘cases’ and focus on reducing hospitalizations.” No. Sounds reasonable but it’s actually stupid. Here’s why:

Without the vaccine, I have a 98% chance of surviving Covid.
With the vaccine, I have a 99% chance of surviving Covid.
The vax benefit is an additional 1% chance of surviving Covid.

Without the vaccine, I have 0 % chance of side effects.
With the vaccine, I have X% chance of side effects.
The vax cost is some amount of increased risk of side effects.

Weighing the Benefit against the Cost, I chose not to vax. That’s a thoughtful, reasonable, personal decision which affects nobody else. It’s my body, my risk, my choice. Leave me alone.

The most chilling line in the speech was, “This is not about freedom or personal choice.” That was the moment my America died. I don’t know where I’m living now.

And now, as of this morning, I’ve became aware of reports claiming a linkage between increasing incidents of Mad Cow disease and vaccines. There are reports, onesie, twosie, perhaps gossip and hearsay, that indicate possible brain damage from vaccinations: Prions are coming. Sheesh.

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